Information Repository

With the impressive growth of National Research Centre for Citrus over the last 25 years in scientific achievements as well infrastructural build-up point of view, it was felt to have an organised information system in support of scientific research. As a result, Library Documentation Unit was established with the aim to serve the scientists, technical staff of the centre and other user agencies across the country. The major objectives of the unit are:

Library Resource Development

The Library Documentation Unit has prepared a variety of information resources consisting of book, Journals, Conference/Seminar/Symposium /Workshop proceeding, report’s atlases dictionaries, encyclopaedia, handbook, cassettes, CDs, reprints of research papers and so on. The total collection of the library holding in 1428 books, 768 back volume of journals, 3400 technical reports od different institutes, 10 databases related to citriculture subject. 

In selection of scientific journals ,a pilot study was made to identify core journals by citation analysis, Above 50 core title were identified and  most of them were subscribed by; the library during the last 25 years. Currently 32 Indian journals and 8 foreign journals are being subscribed at the library.

The entire collection of the library is organised on, modern lines. The book collections are classified and catalogued according to the U.D.C and AACR-II rules for early access to information. The library has an open access system. Specially designed library furniture’s have been made for display of current periodicals and stacking of books and journals.

Marketing of Information Products and Services

The library and information centres have begun to realize that marketing of information products and services is an integral part of library.  Since inception of the centre NRCC scientists   have developed different type of technologies on citrus and related areas.  The technologies  developed at the centre is made available through hard copies to the use of farmers, researchers, private entrepreneurs and policy makers for betterment of citrus growers and industry in large. The selling of material through the library helped in revenue  generation for centre. Since the inception of the centre the library have collected approximately eighteen lakhs  rupees so far.

Documentation Services       

To keep the research staff informed, the latest information added to the library, the current title announcement service (C.T.A.S) is being brought out by the library on regular basis. As a by-product, a monthly current title announcement service is generated which has nearly 100 references per month and distributed to the all scientists of the Centre. The feedback document delivery service is provided to the scientists of the Centre as and when demanded. This keeps scientific and technical staff abreast with latest information received by the library.

Reprography Services : The NRCC Library is having its modern equipped unit and it is providing reprography  services to its user community.

Newspaper Clipping Services

Since inception of the centre the library documentation unit of the centre has been maintaining the news paper clippings of important events related to the citrus and related areas from national and local dailies in Hindi, English and regional languages. The relevant cutting of topical interests, directly or indirectly addressing citrus research and development problem are regularly brought to the notice of the staff of the Centre

Newspaper Clipping Services

Since inception of the centre the library documentation unit of the centre has been maintaining the news paper clippings of important events related to the citrus and related areas from national and local dailies in Hindi, English and regional languages. The relevant cutting of topical interests, directly or indirectly addressing citrus research and development problem are regularly brought to the notice of the staff of the Centre

NRCC Publications

Centre has published a wide variety of publications in form of 5 books,15 technical bulletins,32 extension bulletins,26 extension folders , 2 manuals 42 scientific chart in English, Hindi and other regional languages. The publications list is being updated periodically and is sent to prominent journals, abstracting/indexing series in order to achieve wider in dissemination of information generated

CeRA- Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (A Project under National Agricultural Innovation Programme, ICAR)

The under the CeRA  NRCC Library is providing the quick access to world R& D information as available worldwide to the NRCC scientists and staff to use the online accessibility of scientific journals, campus network .The major scientific journals from- annual reviews and online books to the user community . Under the CeRA total 2740 journals accessible online for our staff through Elsevier science publication, Taylor and Francis, Nature, CSIRO, Annual Reviews, Science Direct, Willey and Blackwell, Springr verlag.

Computer Application in Library

Having developed information resource base, need based information services have initi8ated in order to keep the user informed about latest information added in the library. In manually operated environment; the services had inherent merits and demerits so as to have access to requisite information. These aspects have necessitated thinking for introducing the modern means for better information handling. It was decided to introduce computer application for developing a centralized house in bibliographical information system. The library currently has three computers.

Library Services through LAN

Local Area Network (LAN) has been established at the Centre. Three computer nodes have been provided for access to library information system from where bibliographical searching with various quarry modes is available. The node consists of Pentium computer with 1.2 GB, E-Mail and internet facility has also been provided for easy access to world information.

Developing Electronic Information Resources

Ø  The facility for free electronic journal and downloads; using the internet facility has been built up.

Ø  CD-Rom R/W facility is used for downloading of electronic journals article’s and publishers catalogue etc.,


Ø  The LAN is established at the Centre with two nodes in the library having E-mail facility, internet facility.

Ø  CD Rom/Networking.    

The following international database in CD Rom were added to the Library 

l     Hort CD  (CAB International) 1973-1988 U.K

l     Hort CD  (CAB International) 1989-2002  U.K

l     Hort CD  (CAB International) 2002-2004   U.K


1.            Citrus Decline and Management in NEH Region

(S.G.Gupta and Shyam Singh)

2.            Potassium Nutrition in Citrus

(A.K. Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

3.            Post-harvest Technology and Processing of Citrus Fruits in India

(M.S. Ladaniya and Shyam Singh)

4.            Citrus Insect Pests

(V.J. Shivankar and Shyam Singh)

5.            Citrus in NEH Region

(Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, S.G.Gupta, I.P.Singh, A.K.Srivastava and A.K.Das)

6.            Five Decades of Citrus

(Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, S.G.Gupta, A.K.Srivastava, N.Vijayakumari, A.D.Huchche, I.P.Singh, Lallan Ram, D.K.Ghosh, A.K.Das, Vinod Anavrat, R.K.Sonkar, C.N.Rao, P.Panigrahi and Vikas Bamel)


1.            Catalogue of Citrus Germplasm

(I.P.Singh and Shyam Singh)


Status Paper

1.            Organic Citrus Status (Status Paper No.1)

                (A.K. Srivastava, Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, A.K.Das and C.N.Rao)


1.                     Citrus Monograph (Monograph No.1)

                        ( I.P.Singh and Shyam Singh)


1.                     Handbook of Citrus

                        (Shyam Singh, A.K.Srivastava and C.N.Rao)

2.                     Nimboo Vargiya Phalon Par Adharit Takniki Gyan (Hindi)

                        (Lallan Ram, Shyam Singh and I.P.Singh)


1.                     Manual on Citrus Insect Pest Management (Manual No.1)

                        (V.J.Shivankar, C.N.Rao and Shyam Singh)

2.                     Diagnosis of Nutrient Constraints in Citrus (Manual No.2)

                        (A.K.Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

Interactive C.D.

1.                     Integrated Pest Management in Citrus                                                                                   

                        (V.J.Shivankar, C.N.Rao and K.J.David)

Technical Bulletins

1.            Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Citrus (Technical Bulletin No.1)

                (A.K. Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

2.              Post-Harvest Technology of Nagpur Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) (Technical Bulletin No.2)

                 (M.S.Ladaniya and Shyam Singh)

3.            Management of Insect Pests in Citrus (Technical Bulletin  No.3)

                (V.J.Shivankar and Shyam Singh)

4.            Citrus Flowering (Technical Bulletin No.4)

                (Shyam Singh, A.K.Srivastava and A.D.Huchche)

5.              Fungal Disease of Citrus  Diagnosis and Management (Technical Bulletin No.5)

                 (S.A.M.H. Naqvi)

6.              Water Management in Citrus(Technical Bulletin No.6)

                 (P.S.Shirgure, A.K.Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

7.      Exploration, Collection and Mapping Citrus Genetic Diversity in India (Technical Bulletin No.7)

                 (I.P. Singh and Shyam Singh)

8.              Nutrient Diagnostics and Management in Citrus (Technical Bulletin No.8)

                 (A.K. Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

9.              Intercropping in Nagpur Mandarin  (Technical Bulletin No.9)

                (V.J.Shivankar, Shyam Singh, A.D.Huchche, P.S.Shirgure, A.K.Das and R.A.Marathe)

10.          Site Specific Nutrient Management in Citrus(Technical Bulletin No.10)

                 (A.K.Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

11.           Citrus Entomology - A Decade at NRCC (Technical Bulletin No.11)

                 (V.J.Shivankar, C.N.Rao and Shyam Singh)

12.           Processing and Value Addition of Citrus  (Technical Bulletin No.12)

                 (Lallan Ram and Shyam Singh)

13.           Micronutrients in Citrus (Technical Bulletin No.13)

                 (A.K.Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

14.           Soil and Water Conservation in Citrus (Technical Bulletin No.14)

                 (P.  Panigrahi, A.K. Srivastava, A.D. Huchche and Shyam Singh)

15.           Post-Harvest Technology of Sweet Oranges for Fresh Fruit Market (Technical  Bulletin No.15)

                 (M.S. Ladaniya)

16.           Fertigation in Citrus (Technical Bulletin No. 16)

                 (P. S. Shirgure, A. K. Srivastava)

Extension Bulletins

1.              Nagpur Santryachi Sudharit Laagwad (Extension Bulletin No. 1 -  Marathi)

                (V.J. Shivankar, M.S. Ladaniaya, A.D. Huchche and Vinod H. Anavrat)

2.            Nagpur Mandarin Cultivation (Extension Bulletin No. 2)

                (Shyam Singh, V.J. Shivankar, A.D. Huchche and Vinod H. Anavrat)

3.            Handling of Nagpur Mandarin (Extension Bulletin No. 3)

                (M.S. Ladaniya and A.D.Huchche)

4.            Nagpuri Santre Ki Baagwani (Extension Bulletin No. 4 - Hindi)

                (Shyam Singh and Lallan Ram, Awtar Singh (Translator)

5.            Nutrient Management in Nagpur Mandarin and Acid Lime (Extension Bulletin No. 5)

                (A.K. Srivastava and Shyam Singh)

6.            Propagation of Nagpur Mandarin (Extension Bulletin No. 6)

                (Lallan Ram and Shyam Singh)

7.            Germplasm of Citrus (Extension Bulletin No. 7)

                (Awtar Singh and Shyam Singh)

8.            Flowering Problems in Nagpur Mandarin (Extension Bulletin No. 8)

                (Shyam Singh and A.K. Srivastava)

9.            Evaporative Cool Chamber for Storage of Nagpur Mandarin Fruits (Extension Bulletin No. 9)

                (M.S. Ladaniya)

10.          Phytophthora Diseases of Citrus and Their  Management (Extension Bulletin No. 10)

                (A.K. Das)

11.          Management of Post-harvest Diseases of Nagpur Mandarin (Extension Bulletin No. 11)


12.          Insect Pests of Nagpur Mandarin and Their Management  (Extension Bulletin No. 12) 

                ( V.J. Shivankar and C.N. Rao)

13.          Santra Phalanchi Todani va Hatalni (Extension Bulletin No. 13)

                (M.S.Ladaniya and A.D.Huchche)

14.          Multiplication of Chrysopid Predator (Mallada boninensis) (Extension Bulletin No. 14)

                (V.J. Shivankar)

16.          Limboo Vargiya Phalzadanwaril Phytophthora Mule Honare Rog Aani Tyanche Vyavasthapan                                                                                                                 

                (Extension Bulletin No. 16 - Marathii

                (Vinod Anawrat (Translator)

17.          Santra Todaninantar Udbhavnarya Roganche Vyavasthapan (Extension Bulletin No. 17 -                            Marathi)                                                 

                (S.A.M.H. Naqvi)

18.          Santra Phalanchya Sathavanukisathi  Panyachya Bashpibhawanavar Aadhrit eetgruh

                (Extension Bulletin No. 18 - Marathi)


19.          Santra va Limboo Baaganmadhye Khatache Vyavasthapan (Extension Bulletin No. 19 - Marathi)

                (A.K. Srivastava and Shyam Singh R.A.Marathe (Translator)

20.          Nagpur Santryavaril Kid va Tyanche Vyavasthapan (Extension Bulletin No. 20 - Marathi)

                (V.J.Shivankar and Shyam Singh)

21.          Export of Nagpur Mandarin(Extension Bulletin No. 21)

                (M.S. Ladaniya and Shyam Singh)

22.          Weed Management in Citrus Orchards (Extension Bulletin No. 22)

                (A.D.Huchche and Shyam Singh)

23.          Production of Disease Free Planting Material of Citrus (Extension Bulletin No. 23)

                (Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar,  S.A.M.H.Naqvi, I.P.Singh,  D.K.Ghosh and A.K.Das)

24.          Drainage Problems and Management in Nagpur Mandarin Orchards(Extension Bulletin No. 24)

                (R.A.Marathe and Shyam Singh)

25.          Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Citrus and Their Management (Extension Bulletin No. 25)


26.          Citrus Genetic Resources (Extension Bulletin No. 26)

                (I.P. Singh)

27.          Nagpuri Santreka Rakhrakhav (Extension Bulletin No. 27 - Hindi)

                (M.S. Ladaniya)

28.          Nagpuri  Santryachi Niryat (Extension Bulletin No. 28 - Marathi)

                (M.S. Ladaniya and Shyam Singh)

29.          Limboo Vargiya Phalzadanchaya Rograhit Kalamaanche Utpadan

                (Extension Bulletin No. 29 - Marathi)

                (Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, S.A.M.H.Naqvi, I.P.Singh, D.K.Ghosh and A.K.Das)

30.          Chysopid  Kit Parjivi Mallada boninensis Che Utpadan (Extension Bulletin             No. 30 - Hindi)                                 


31.          Nimboo Vargiya Phalonke Bhandaranhetu Pani ke Bashpikaran par Adharit Sheetgruh

                (Extension Bulletin No. 31 - Hindi)

                (M.S. Ladaniya)

32.          Nagpuri Santre Ke Kide-Makode Aur Unka Prabandhan (Extension Bulletin No. 32 - Hindi)

                (V.J. Shivankar and Shyam Singh)

33.          Rejuvenation Nagpur Mandarin Decline(Extension Bulletin No. 33)

                (Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, S.A.M.H.Naqvi, A.K. Srivastava, P.S.Shirgure, D.K.Ghosh, A.K.Das,

                Vinod.H.Anavrat, A.D.Huchche, Bansa Singh, I.P.Singh and Lallan Ram)

34.          Santra va Limboo Phalbagesathi Sukshma Sinchan (Extension Bulletin No. 34 - Marathi)


35.          Citrus, Production and Marketing of Khasi Mandarin(Extension Bulletin No. 35)

                (Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, M.S.Ladaniya, A.K. Srivastava, Y.P.Sharma,I.P.Singh D.K.Ghosh,

                 A.K.Das, Azad Thakur, Patiram, L.C.De)

36.          Citrus Transfer of Technology for NE Region(Extension Bulletin No. 36)

                (I.P.Singh, S.G.Gupta, Shyam Singh and R.P.Medhi)

37.          Rainwater Management in Nagpur Mandarin and Acid Lime  (Extension Bulletin No. 37)

                (P. Panigrahi, A.K. Srivastava, A.D.Huchche and Shyam Singh)

38.          Rootstock Suitability for Nagpur Mandarin and Acid Lime (Extension Bulletin No. 38)

              (R.K.Sonkar, S.G.Gupta, Lallan Ram, A.K.Srivastava, A.K.Das, C.N. Rao, R.A.Marathe and Vikas Bamel)

39.          Nutritional Disorders in Citrus: Morphological Descriptors (Extension Bulletin No. 39)

                (A.K. Srivastava)

40.          Nibu Vargiya Phalo Ki Bagwani Ke Liye Sukshma Sichai (Extension Bulletin No. 40)

                (P. S. Shirgure)

41.          Insect Pests of Citrus Fruits (Extension Bulletin No. 41)

                (C.N. Rao, V.J. Shivankar & K.J. David)


Extension Folders


1.            Fertilizer Requirement of Nagpur Mandarin (Folder No. 1)

2.            Pest Management in Nagpur Mandarin(Folder No. 2)

3.            Leaf and Soil Sampling Technique in Nagpur Mandarin and Acid Lime (Folder No. 3)

                A.K. Srivastava

4.            Save Citrus Plants from Canker(Folder No. 4)


5.            Drip Irrigation for Citrus (Folder No.5)

                P.S. Shirgure

6.            Marketing of Nagpur Mandarin (Folder No.6)


7.            Citrus Nematode (Folder No.7)

                Bansa Singh

8.            STG-A Technique For Disease Free Planting Material of Nagpur Mandarin (Folder No.8)



9.            Nagpuri Santre Mein Laganewale Kit Tatha Unka Niyantran (Folder  No.9 - Hindi)

                Lallan Ram, A.K. Srivastava and R.K. Sonkar (Translators)


10.          Nagpuri  Santryawaril Kid Niyantran (Folder No. 10 - Marathi)

                V.J.Shivankar and A.D.Huchche (Translators)


11.          Nagpuri  Santryasathi Khatanchya  Matra(Folder No. 11 - Marathi)

                V.J.Shivankar  (Translator)


12.          Nagpuri Santre ke Baagwani Mein Urvarakon ki Aavashakta (Folder  No. 12) - Hindi

                Lallan Ram, A.K. Srivastava and R.K. Sonkar (Translators)


13.          Nagpuri Santryana Khairya Rogapasun Wachawa (Folder No. 13 -  Marathi)

                Vinod Anavrat and V.J.Shivankar (Translators)


14.          Limboo Vargiya Phalzadansathi Thibak Sinchan (Folder No. 14  -  Marathi)

                P.S.Shirgure and Vinod.H.Anavrat (Translators)


15.          Santra va Limboo Zadankarita Khatanche Praman Thravanyasathi Pane va Maticha Namuna                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                Golakarnyavishayak Margdarshika (Folder No. 15 - Marathi) 



16.          Drainage Characteristics in Soils  of  Nagpur Mandarin (Folder No. 16) 

                R.A.Marathe, Shyam Singh,  S.Mohanty


17.          Calendar of Operations for  Citrus(Folder No. 17) 

                V.J.Shivankar, S.A.M.H.Naqvi, A.K. Srivastava, P.S.Shirgure, Vinod Anavrat


18.          Limboo Vargiya Phalbaagansathi Karyadarshika (Folder No. 18 - Marathi)

                V.J.Shivankar, A.D.Huchche, Vinod Anawrat


19.          Nimboo Jatiya Phalon Mein Udyanki  Kriyaonki  Karyadarshika (Folder No. 19 -  Hindi)

                V.J.Shivankar, S.A.M.H.Naqvi, A.K. Srivastava, P.S.Shirgure, Vinod Anavrat


20.          Citrus Greening Disease (Folder No. 20)

                A.K.Das, Shyam Singh


21.          Control of Fruit Drop in Citrus (Folder No. 21)

                A.D.Huchche, Lallan Ram, Shyam Singh


22.          Nimboo Vargiya Phalzaadanwaril Phalgaliche Niyantran(Folder No. 22 - Marathi)

                A.D. Huchche, Lallan Ram and Shyam Singh


23.          Citrus Technologies in India (Folder No. 23)

                Shyam Singh, A.K.Srivastava


24.          Organic Manuring in Nagpur Mandarin (Folder No. 24)  

                S.G.Gupta, A.K. Srivastava


25.          Citrus Decline and Its Rejuvenation (Folder No. 25)

                Shyam Singh, V.J.Shivankar, S.A.M.H.Naqvi, A.K. Srivastava, P.S.Shirgure, D.K.Ghosh, A.K.Das,

                Vinod Anavrat, A.D.Huchche, Bansa Singh, I.P.Singh, Lallan Ram


26.          Crop Regulation in Acid Lime (Folder No. 26)

                A.D. Huchche




1.            NRCC Library Repository    (English)

                 C.V. Bankar


2              NRCC Publications (Scientific)      (English)

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